Proofreading Marks

Proofreading Marks - Period
Insert period
Proofreading Marks - Semicolon
Insert semicolon
Proofreading Marks - hyphen
Insert hyphen
Proofreading Marks - 1-en dash
Insert 1-en dash
Proofreading Marks - Point of space
Insert ( ) points of space
Proofreading Marks - Inferior
Proofreading Marks - Lowercase
Lowercase – used in margin
Proofreading Marks - Delete and close up
Delete and close up
Proofreading Marks - Right
Move right
Proofreading Marks - Vertical
Align vertically
Proofreading Marks - 2em
Indent 2ems
Proofreading Marks - transpose
Transpose—used in margin
Proofreading Marks - italic
Italic—used in margin
Proofreading Marks - boldface
Boldface—used in text
Proofreading Marks - roman
Roman type
Proofreading Marks - horizzontally
Center horizontally
Proofreading Marks - vertically
Center vertically
Proofreading Marks-Comma
Insert comma
Proofreading Marks-Question Mark
Insert question mark
Proofreading Marks-Apostrophe
Insert apostrophe
Proofreading Marks-EmDash
Insert 1-em dash
Proofreading Marks-Slash
Insert slash
Proofreading Marks-Parentheses
Proofreading Marks-deletion
Used in text to show deletion
Proofreading Marks-wrongfont
Wrong font
Proofreading Marks-left
Move left
Proofreading Marks-brackets
Proofreading Marks-paragraph
Proofreading Marks-spellout
Spell out
Proofreading Marks-italictext
Italic—used in text
Proofreading Marks-smallcaps
Small caps – used in margin
Proofreading Marks-caps
Caps – used in margin
Proofreading Marks-abbreviation
Wrong abbreviation
Proofreading Marks-correct
Query to author
Proofreading Marks-Colon
Insert colon
Proofreading Marks-Exclamation Mark
Insert exclamation mark
Proofreading Marks-Quotation
Insert quotation marks
Proofreading Marks-Space
Insert space
Proofreading Marks-Superior
Proofreading Marks-caps&small
Caps & small caps—used in margin
Proofreading Marks-delete
Proofreading Marks-closeup
Close up
Proofreading Marks-letternotclear
Letter(s) not clear
Proofreading Marks-1em
Indent 1em
Proofreading Marks-noparagraph
No paragraph
Proofreading Marks-letitstand
Let it stand
Proofreading Marks-boldface
Boldface – used in margin
Proofreading Marks-smallcapstext
Small caps – used in text
Proofreading Marks-capsintext
Caps—used in text
Proofreading Marks-equalisespace
Equalise space
Proofreading Marks-centered