Become a Translator: Translation Career Guide

A translator is a bridge between two cultures, two identities, and two people. They are the bridge across the language barrier. They not only interpret words but the meaning, the emotion and definition of what one person is trying to say to the other. It is not a simple task of taking a word and saying it in another language. It is the art of taking a word and delivering it with such skill that the other person with whoyou are communicating understands it in a meaningful way and is able to respond to the words communicated to them.
Becoming a translator is not an easy job and a very tough profession. It is your words that can build a good relationship between people. Or it might be the initiative of a conflict. Words matter, no matter in which language they might be said in. Your job is to make them matter. Becoming a translator requires your full understanding of the profession and possessing the knowledge of how to make the noble art of translation into your career.


The purpose of this career guide to becoming a translator is to guide students or others who wish to start a career in translation. Becoming a professional does not only require skill in multiple languages but also the understanding of the professional world of translators, how they work and how you can become a part of this profession.
This career guide is a thought for:
1. University students or Graduates who are thinking about a career in translation
University students and graduates are on the brink of starting a professional life. They have ample opportunity to experiment with their career choices. They have the time, vigor and the passion for pursuing any field that they feel is the right one for them. Becoming a translator at this point requires dedication and passion that university students and graduates readily have. Furthermore, university students and graduates have ample opportunities in various institutions and universities to get their language courses and degrees. They can gain experience with internships and volunteer work. The possibilities for joining the translation career is a great possibility for students and graduates.
2. People seeking new job opportunities with good linguistic skills
It is never too late to engage in a career transition. Professionalism is not just hard work and ability, it also requires passion and ambition as well. An individual is a great professional when he/she pursues the career that they are passionate about. If you are an individual thinking about a career in translation because you are passionate about languages and have good linguistic skills, then becoming a translator is a completely achievable goal for you. Any professional seeking career change already has the skill set of being a professional. They have a good linguistic skill set. All they need is proper guidance to step into the professional world of becoming a translator.

About this  Translation Career Guide

This career guide will talk about all the essential points that you need to know about becoming a professional translator. You will read and learn about all the things you need for becoming a translator. Each and every step will be thoroughly discussed in the career guide. The things you need to think about before pursuing a career as a translator are as follows:
1. What you need to become a translator?
2. How to get a job in the translation industry?
3. How to write a translator’s CV?
4. The everyday life of a freelance translator
5. The stock in trade of a translator